Glenn Forman

As a Mexico, Missouri native Pastor Glenn Forman has been in vocational ministry at Friendship Baptist Church since 2005. Alongside his wife Freeda, they are passionate about serving and encouraging others. With a focus and commitment to Biblical teaching, preaching, outreach, prayer, and discipleship Bro. Glenn is committed to leading and developing true disciples. You are encouraged to leave a message at the church number (573.581.4038) for Brother Glenn or contact him by e-mail

Pianist, Choir Director, Sunday School Teacher

Freeda Forman

Our pastor's wife is a remarkable and cherished member of our church community, known not only for her unwavering support of our pastor but also for her extraordinary talent as a pianist. Beyond her exceptional musical abilities, she exemplifies the spirit of service in our church. Serving as choir director and supporting our youth ministries.  We are blessed to have her as our pastor's wife, pianist, and friend, as she continues to enrich our lives with her incredible talent and unwavering faith.

Music Leader / SS Teacher

Diane Baker

Our adult women's Sunday School class is incredibly fortunate to have an inspiring and compassionate teacher as represented in Diane. With a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of Scripture, she guides us through profound spiritual discussions that challenge and inspire our faith journeys. Her dedication to fostering a supportive and nurturing atmosphere allows us to explore our beliefs, share our experiences, and grow closer to God together. Her unwavering commitment to our class and her genuine care for each member makes her not just a teacher but a cherished mentor and friend to us all.

In addition to her role as an adult women's Sunday School teacher, she also graces our class with her musical talents, leading us in hymns and worship songs. Her dedication to our spiritual experience creates a harmonious atmosphere of praise and reflection. Her multifaceted contributions as both a teacher and a music leader make her an invaluable asset to our class, enriching our spiritual growth and strengthening our sense of community.

Sunday School Director

Lisa Larson

Our Sunday School is truly blessed to have a passionate and dedicated lady at its helm. Her boundless enthusiasm and tireless efforts have transformed our Sunday School program into a vibrant and nurturing environment for our young and 'seasoned' learners. With a heart overflowing with love for children and a deep commitment to their spiritual growth, she creates an atmosphere where curiosity is encouraged, faith is nurtured, and lasting friendships can be formed. Her creativity and dedication shine through in every, event, and activity she organizes, making Sunday School a place where our children and adults not only learn about their faith but also experience it in a warm and welcoming community. We are immensely grateful for her unwavering leadership, which enriches the lives of our youngest members and shapes the future of our church.

Patch the Pirate Club Leader/ SS Teacher

Virginia Rivers

Virginia leads our Patch the Pirate Club each Wednesday at 7:00 PM, for age 4 through grade 6. She also leads the grades 1-3 Sunday School class.


Nancy Wyss

Nancy, our church organist is a shining example of dedication and selflessness. When she became aware of a gap in our music ministry, she took it upon herself to learn the organ, a complex and demanding instrument. Her commitment to fulfilling this need for our church has been truly inspiring. Through countless hours of practice and unwavering determination, she has not only become a proficient organist but has also elevated our worship services to new heights with her beautiful organ accompaniments. Her willingness to step up and learn a new skill for the betterment of our congregation is a testament to her deep devotion to our church community, and we are immensely grateful for her incredible contribution.

Church Clerk

Martha Vanskike

Our dedicated church clerk, Martha is the meticulous guardian of our congregation's records, ensuring that every detail is accurately documented and preserved. With a keen eye for organization and a heart full of commitment, she maintains our church's historical records, membership rolls, and essential documents with the utmost of care. Martha's diligence and reliability have been instrumental in keeping our church administration running smoothly, providing a foundation of stability and trust within our faith community.

Deacon Chairman

Jeff Massey

Jeff is our Deacon Chairman.