Plan a Visit | 12 Weeks to Freedom

Plan a Visit to 12 Weeks to Freedom

What Can I Expect?

12 Weeks to Freedom is a bible principle based program to help you to tackle the struggles you are currently facing whether it be drug or alcohol addiction, pornography, anger or hoarding. 

Our meetings begin in prayer and song. Men and women break into groups, we take a break, have a bible based lesson, enjoy a meal and fellowship and then head home.


Is This the Right Place for Me?

Whatever is going on in your life, no matter what you are struggling with 12 Weeks to Freedom is for you. The program is "open" meaning loved ones, significant others, spouses, and children may attend with you. We try to envolve everyone close to you as addiction knows no boundaries in its effect on people.


Is There a Cost?

There is no cost associated with the program. Materials are provided free of charge. You will receive a bible and student materials without cost. Our program is supported as a ministry of Friendship Baptist Church and community support.


How Often Do You Meet?

Rain or Shine except for snowy or icy road conditions we meet every Friday at 6 pm in the Fellowship Hall of Friendship Baptist Church 4500 E. Liberty Street (east of the Hwy54 bypass). If Mexico Public Schools are closed for the day due to ice or snow the program most likely will be closed too. Call 573.581.4038 for up-to-date info or check the church website for announcements.


Is This Group Confidential?

Leadership respects all of our participants. What is said in the meetings and groups stays in the meetings and groups. 


Can I Come Even if My Partner Doesn't Want To?

Absolutely, you need support to make it your recovery happen and cope with life.


Is Child Care Available?

Child care is available. Please let us know at 573.581.4038.


What if I Need Help with Transportation?

Yes. Please give us a call to arrange transportation.


How Are the Meetings Done?

We will have a large group meeting with everyone then we will break into smaller groups. We break about half way through then resume the meeting. When we are finished a light dinner is served.


Are the Groups Co-Ed?

Our groups are not co-ed. This is for the benefit of the participants.